UX Marine Mattress being lowered into place next to line of mattresses

Triton® Marine Mattress


Used by the United States Army Corps of Engineers and coastal engineers around the world, Triton® Marine Mattress Systems offer superior performance in many applications requiring long-term, reliable erosion protection. The Triton Marine Mattress System was developed for erosion control and submerged foundation applications, including:


  • Shoreline revetments and dune stabilization
  • Bridge scour countermeasures, riverbank protection, and channel lining
  • Foundations for breakwaters, jetties, groins and dikes
  • Pipeline cover to prevent scour and protect submerged pipelines
  • Drainage channel protection and sewage outfalls
Triton® Marine Mattress being placed

Specifiers and owners continue to look to Triton Marine Mattress Systems for the above applications as well as others because of their high-performance polymers. Many systems use steel and/or concrete and do not withstand the long-term effects of their environments. Triton is superior to other hard armor systems because of the ability to customize the mattress for the project and the durability and long-term tensile capacity of the Tensar Geogrids. Other unique characteristics that make Triton Marine Mattress System’s the best solution for your project are:


  • Monolithic, high mass and porosity design provides predictable stability versus multi-layer solutions
  • Flexibility and hydraulic stability assures reliable, long-term contact with the soil for erosion and scour protection
  • Open rock structure reduces wave run-up and energy dissipation.

Triton Marine Mattress Systems can be easily customized in length or depth to fit the project geometry while the mattress can also be fabricated with other geosynthetic materials such as a geotextile or liner for additional filtration or capping requirements.



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